Trivalent chromium plating is an environmentally responsible technology with the performance and aesthetic benefits of traditional plating methods. ECF has the capability to produce a variety of bright and dark trivalent chrome finishes using both sulfate and chloride electrolyte systems, many of which are automotive OEM qualified finishes.

Bright Trivalent Chrome

Bright trivalent chrome finishes created using sulfate systems are high purity deposits with better CASS corrosion protection than chloride bright trivalent chrome finishes. The color is also a close match to traditional hexavalent finishes; however, these finishes have poor calcium chloride corrosion resistance.

Bright trivalent chrome finishes created using chloride electrolytes are darker in color than products of sulfate systems, due to the additives needed to achieve a fast plating rate, similar to the plating rate of traditional hexavalent chrome systems. Unlike sulfate systems, chloride systems do provide a high level of calcium chloride resistance.

Dark Trivalent Chrome

Dark trivalent chrome boasts excellent corrosion protection (CASS) and is resistant to calcium chloride (Russian mud) corrosion, in addition to its excellent covering and throwing power. Dark trivalent chrome maintains color consistency across a range of densities and is increasingly popular for its aesthetic appeal.

Assembled grill in black trivalent chrome over bright nickel
Mirror shell in black trivalent chrome

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