About PVD

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) represents a family of modern coating fabrication processes, all of which are performed in an artificially created vacuum, usually in a vacuum chamber. ECF has in-house capability to produce ceramic and metallic alloy decorative PVD coatings through magnetron sputter and cathode arc evaporation processes. This allows us to customize coating color, specific gravity, microstructure, and compositional and structural gradient, continuous or multi-layered, to your specifications.

PVD coatings specifically designed for decorative applications in consumer-oriented industries such as plumbing and building hardware, automotive, and electronics are mostly ceramic coatings. Ceramic PVD coatings offer a unique combination of vivid aesthetic appeal, through of a wide array of color finishes, and superb mechanical and chemical properties, which few metals and organic films can match. Because of the robustness of PVD coatings, virtually all major kitchen and bath fixture manufacturers market their PVD-coated products with lifetime guarantees on their appearance; Moen’s  Life Shine® Non-Tarnish Finish, Delta’s Brilliance®Anti-Tarnish Finishes, and Kohler’s Vibrant® finishes are a few examples.

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