MacDermid Fashion Finishes™

ECF has established a strong relationship with premier specialty finish designer MacDermid Enthone. Because of this alliance, ECF has created color master standards for both GM and Chrysler, among other OEMs, and has participated in the development of many specialty finishes in high demand.

ECF’s MacDermid finishing systems include

  • TriMac III™
  • TriMac CP-200™
  • Twilite™
  • Starlite™

Satin Finishes

Automotive steering wheel component in a hexavalent chrome finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rubbed bronze bath component
Drain cover component in oil rubbed bronze.
Brushed rubbed bronze faucet
Drain cover component in oil rubbed bronze finish
Oil rubbed bronze showerhead.
Rubbed bronze finish achieved by brushing

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