Benefits of PVD Coatings

In addition to the wide range of available color finishes and its unique aesthetic appeal, PVD coating offers excellent humidity, UV, chemical, and corrosion resistance. Due to the ingredients used in preparing PVD coatings, the end products of PVD processes normally consist of a solid coating and unreacted gases such as nitrogen and oxygen; thus PVD processes are completely environmentally benign, unlike electroplating.

PVD processes are also cost competitive with other physically or chemically prepared coatings. PVD coatings can often be deposited on parts made with inexpensive materials to create a product with appearance and performance equal to or better than parts made entirely with expensive materials, making PVD coated parts extremely cost effective. For example, gold color titanium nitride PVD coating on a stainless steel part is much less expensive than a titanium-made part, but with better overall performance and exactly the same physical appearance.

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