Popular Luxury Fixture Finishes

luxury fixture finishes

In our last blog we talked about Kitchen trends, focusing on home design trends and how fixtures fit into that greater picture. There is a demand among homeowners for specific types of fixtures and luxury fixture finishes that stand out from the ordinary and make an aesthetically pleasing impact on a kitchen or bath space. What are these trends?

Design Trends in Plumbing

Exposed Plumbing – Since the advent of modern plumbing, bathroom and kitchen design has hidden away anything with the exception of faucets or handles. Everything else has been considered too unsightly. Breaking from this tradition, some designers are now choosing to highlight all of the pipes and valves that trace the path of the water back to the source and reveal how plumbing works. In the same way, some people are also asking for industrial elements like knurled patterns and “unfinished” plumbing fixtures.

High-tech Faucets – In contrast, other consumers are asking for high-tech electronic faucets that take all the work out of using faucets or showers. These are especially in demand by homeowners who want a streamlined look and the best in instant gratification and convenience. 

Luxury Bathing – Another popular trend is for custom built showers with multiple outlets. These extras are usually found in the master bath and include rainheads, body sprays, and handhelds for the ultimate in luxury bathing. 

Dramatic Kitchen Faucets – Simple single-hole kitchen faucets have been the default choice for decades, but some homeowners are opting to use a more dramatic, noticeable faucet like the large, elevated bridge faucet. Another favorite is a chef’s faucet or a faucet with exposed coils, the kind found on cooking shows or in restaurants. This appeals to a range of consumers from amateur chefs to those who just love the look of a kitchen with every available device and appliance. 

Design Trends in Fixture Finishes

Matte Black and Matte WhiteBrushed nickel has been the preferred finish choice, but matte black is what people are asking for now in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It makes a bold statement and contrasts well with a number of trending colors. Matte white is another trendy finish that is picking up steam.

Multiple Finishes – Some designers are mixing and matching finishes to create a look that’s not too “matchy matchy.” Reclaimed wood floors and cabinets make it possible to have a homey looking space that’s still designer chic. 

Split Finishes – Another trend is to have fixtures with more than one finish. Textured accents are also big. Designers are looking for fixtures that will stand out rather than blend into their surroundings. 

Brass Finishes – Brass has always been popular with consumers and designers because it’s colorful and luxurious looking. However, now people are moving away from polished brass and towards aged or antique brass, satin brass, or unlacquered brass fixtures. 

Consumers and designers are choosing differently when it comes to their kitchens and bathrooms, including what their preferred luxury fixture finishes are. Plumbing is being highlighted differently than the way it was in the past, and people want more visual impact from their fixtures. If your company needs decorative surface finishes for bath or kitchen fixtures, contact ECF today to discuss which of a wide variety of finishes we can provide for your products. 


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