Kitchen Trends and Decorative PVD

Every year in January the attention of designers and manufacturers turns to what is new in kitchen and bath trends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). All manufacturers of kitchen or bath related items hope to correctly predict the next big design ideas in order to produce the best products to meet upcoming demand. With this in mind, what is new in kitchen and bath fixtures?

2020 kitchen trends

Higher Demand for New Fixtures

While the economy has been experiencing ups and downs pre- and post-COVID, people are still remodeling.  Experts believe that the kitchen and bath market will continue to grow as Millennials move into the housing market and Baby Boomers scale down and remodel their homes or living spaces to accommodate their changing life needs. 

Kitchen Design Trends 

Kitchen fixtures will be a part of any remodeled space for years to come, so it’s important to wisely pair them with other features of the room.

White and gray have been very popular colors for kitchen decor for years now, but the design trend for kitchens is moving away from all white cabinetry and backsplashes to bolder colors like hunter green, deep blue, or gray-washed blues and greens. Brass kitchen fixtures pair well with bolder color choices. 

Matte black is also another very popular finish for kitchen fixtures and hardware right now. Adding black accents to a kitchen decorated in lighter colors makes for a striking visual effect without darkening the whole room. In addition to matte black, brass, or gold fixtures, pewter and gunmetal are trending with some designers and home owners. 

Another preference designers are seeing is the demand for reclaimed wood cabinetry. Because reclaimed wood has a naturally antique, rustic feel, designers are choosing to pair this choice with accents that aren’t uniform throughout the space. Brass fixtures can be combined with stainless or nickel drawer pulls on the cabinets for a more eclectic looking room. The lighting can feature a different metal choice. They don’t have to all match exactly for this design choice to shine.

If it sounds like there are any number of possibilities for fixtures in a redesigned kitchen, that is correct. There is no one perfect kitchen, there are thousands of possibilities for beautiful kitchens, though. Faucets and other fixtures are a part of a beautiful whole. 

ECF offers a wide variety of finishes, including PVD coating, electroplating, and trivalent chrome. We are proud to offer a full spectrum of bold decorative PVD finishes for kitchen and bath fixtures. If your company needs decorative surface finishes done for kitchen or bath fixtures, contact us today to see how we can meet your needs.


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