The 2017 Annual ECF Company Picnic at Michigan’s Adventure

This year’s company picnic was Saturday, August 5 at Michigan’s Adventure. ECF employees brought their friends and family and gathered for a day of fun in the sun. Everyone had their own take on what made the day special.

For some employees, the rides and water park were the highlight of the day. For others, the best part of the picnic was catching up with coworkers and meeting each other’s families and friends.

Brittany Dykgraaf said, “My favorite thing about the picnic was coming together as a company outside of work and being able to meet coworkers’ families.”

Tricia Huizinga also enjoyed meeting everyone’s family, but especially loved the water park. “My daughters loved the new Half-Pint Paradise with watersides that were small enough for them to use.”

The water park was a favorite spot for many, like Lisa Volkema and her kids. Brandon Gottschling also spent his day at the water park and loved relaxing in the lazy river.

The picnic was a big hit among the kids, and for Glenn Thompson, watching them have fun was what made the day special. Kim Vollema enjoyed watching her son have fun at the park.

Like many, Beau Shupe’s favorite part of the day was talking with employees outside of work and meeting their families. “The complimentary lunch was great too!”

ECF employees and their guests reconvened for a lunch provided by ECF. For lunch, everyone enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs with pasta salad, fruits, vegetables, and cookies.

With over 300 ECF guests in attendance, this year’s company picnic at Michigan’s Adventure was a great day of bringing everyone together. Keep an eye out for upcoming information about next year’s company picnic!

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