Why Choose Decorative PVD?

decorative PVD
A wide variety of products across the automotive, kitchen and bath, appliance, and home hardware markets feature decorative finishes. These finishes add beauty to everyday items and catch the eye of consumers. One of the best options for a decorative finish is physical vapor deposition or PVD. There are many benefits to a
decorative PVD finish for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

What Are the Benefits of Decorative PVD?

PVD is environmentally safe process that provides attractive color and luster for the lifetime of the finished product. It doesn’t require cleaning or maintenance to prevent fading or tarnishing as items that are electroplated with gold, brass, or nickel finishes do – even with a finishing coat.

Parts that are finished using PVD do not need a clear coat. PVD resists damage like chipping, scratching, or fading. PVD has been shown to perform better than a thick hard chrome layer in terms of abrasion resistance. It withstands most chemicals and the elements. It also resists corrosion and can be cleaned without harsh chemicals by using only a soft cloth and a soap-and-water solution.

What Does Decorative PVD Look Like?

PVD produces an incredibly even finish in a wide variety of colors and tones, including brass, gold, nickel, chrome, copper, bronze, gray, and black. All of these are available choices in polished, satin, or matte finishes.

PVD can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Chrome plated materials and stainless steel are best suited to PVD, but it can also be applied to titanium alloys and graphite. PVD can be used on substrates like bearing steels or aluminum alloys because it can be deposited at lower temperatures than other methods of finishing like chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

The physical vapor deposition finishing method adds a beautiful decorative finish to products or components that will often increase their strength and durability. A good example is its use on bathroom fixtures like faucets and showerheads. Not only will these working parts look great, but they will last longer and resist rust and corrosion, making PVD a winning choice in multiple ways.

If you are interested in adding decorative PVD to your parts, products, or components, contact ECF today to see how our finish and process offerings align with your surface finishing needs. We would love to be of assistance.


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